Community Growth Strategy


Get intrinsically motivated contributors!


The community-building process is a funnel taking people from the discovery stage to the ultimate form of engagement - active contributions. Community building is the most important process of any decentralized project. In the long run, focus on bringing in people with intrinsic motivation to help the project succeed will outweigh well-designed shallow monetary incentives. With an army of right contributors, attracting promising projects will follow naturally in a healthy way.

We are going to outline the plan for growing a strong community excited about the mission to found, support, and become early adopters of promising blockchain technology:

  1. Identifying ideal contributor types in the community
  2. Defining ways for contributors to discover DeFi Options
  3. Defining ways for contributors to get involved in the community

Contributor Types by Motivation

Extrinsically motivated contributors that are driven just by financial gains, from weak communities and create a toxic environment for other motivated participants.

We want intrinsically motivated contributors to discover the community! Those are people that will stick around through the potential bear market or push the project through tough times.

Purpose-driven Contributors

Passionate about decentralization, and understands the importance of creating unstoppable and invulnerable community-owned financial products. They are here to shine :star2: their light and make a positive impact on the world.

Autonomy-driven Contributors

Deeply appreciate the freedom of value generation in a DAO. They don’t like to be told what to do. Give them a target and they will find their own way to achieve it. They might even ignore common goals to pursue what they personally value as important (knowing that if it proves to be valuable they will be rewarded accordingly).

Mastery-driven Contributors

Driven by curiosity and the ability to get better at what they are doing. Understand that the best way to learn is by doing. Seek an opportunity to get involved in the organizations of the future, to experiment and learn together.

*Purpose-driven contributors will probably be the most valuable contributors.

Discovering ShineDAO

In this section, we will explain how might we increase awareness about the ShineDAO with a primary focus on the objective: Attract intrinsically motivated contributors.

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is the most trustworthy acquisition channel. If you consider yourself as an intrinsically motivated contributor, it is in your interest to bring as many passionate people to the project as possible, to increase the likelihood of our success. No matter if you are attracted to the project by its mission, ability to work autonomously, or ability to learn, it is very likely you know someone that might get excited as well. Bring them on, schedule a 1-1 session, connect them with other community members and help them out.

Community Created Content

By creating articles, memes, tweets, tutorials, through Decentralized Content Creation Process and keeping in mind communication guidelines & consistency, we will excite intrinsically motivated contributors with our mission of building a decentralized incubator for Web3 projects.

Partnerships & Collaborations

Partnerships and collaborations with other relevant communities are the fastest way to bring many new eyes of potential contributors to the project, while at the same time increasing our credibility as a community. If you find a project where there is a potential for mutually beneficial collaboration, feel free to suggest it. Please feel empowered to reach out to communities yourself and negotiate the deals. As long as your proposal makes sense, the community will approve it and you will create a huge impact.

Community Events

Community events will be deeper described in Getting Involved section as a means for community engagement. However, promoting interesting events might have a positive impact also in the discovery stage - top of the funnel. Please feel empowered to organize workshops, meetings, hackathons, challenges and promote them to the rest of the world. Those activities are attractive for new users looking to get involved.

Promotors & Ambassadors

Creating a long list of people with high reach and credibility in the ecosystem might help us to attract users through their networks. Depending on the reach of their posts, we could offer them some project tokens. Before negotiating we should make sure that they have the right audience that has the potential to convert to intrinsically motivated contributors.

Getting Involved

When a new community member joins us, it is unlikely that they will be willing to commit a large amount of time or energy. The key to keeping the excitement high and convert potential contributors to active contributors is to allow them to experience the magic moment - minimum viable contribution. To be able to do that, it is important to understand their motivation and then guide them to achieve minimum viable participation.

1. Complete the Onboarding

The goal of the onboarding is to set up a contributor profile so that users get plugged in the system and can start earning SHN automatically.

Through the steps in the onboarding, we will guide them through our tool stack, share recourses that will bring them closer to understanding how they might get involved regardless of their background, skill level, or availability.

The final step is introducing themselves in #:wave:introductions channel of our Discord server.

If they are successful in completing all of the steps, they will earn first 50 SHN :star2:

2. Relationship Building

Once we are able to identify users that are expressing interest in getting involved, we should give them a warm welcome. Potential contributors should feel like they are desired in the community. We should give them an “11-star experience”.

The 11-star Onboarding Process:

  • Asking questions, getting to know them
  • Moderators that welcome and connect everyone
  • Super hyped warm welcome by everyone in the community (reactions under introduction)
  • 1-1 guide through sessions with a veteran community member
  • Access to closed channels
  • Introduce new members at community calls
  • Guidance towards minimum viable contribution
  • Celebration and props for completing the first task

3. Contribution Opportunities

If potential a contributor want’s to understand how they can fit in the big picture, they need to first understand what is happening in the big picture. We should be transparent and clearly communicate:

  • Mission, vision, and values
  • Community Covenant
  • Next important milestone
  • Squads and their initiatives
  • Key contributors in squads
  • Backlog of tasks to pick up
  • How to get involved & onboarding process

Ideally, this can all happen in one place. Currently, we are trying to achieve this in our Notion.


100 thumbs up! If everyone gets+1 high quality contributor interested we know we have some kind of product market fit!!

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Inserting my personal opinion here: This is the best line I’ve read on any forum ever expressing the desired attraction of new contributor energy.

Well said!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE :honeybee:1hive’s community covenant, I can’t say I’ve seen a better example out there in emerging web3 spaces. Perhaps this is a resource that might be helpful towards the efforts of the mission, vision and values work.