Decentralized Content Creation

*This is an updated version of the original post taking into account comments and discussions in community call

As outlined in Decentralized Marketing And Sales Strategy For 1Hive #Buzz by D0$H, centralizing content creation falsifies the core purpose of a DAO. The proposed solution is a combination of centralized “official” channels with decentralized recourses. This way every single community member gets the opportunity to contribute with full freedom while having a process in place that prevents spreading information that is false or not aligned with the rest of the community.

In this post, we are going to outline the process and requirements for reposting through official channels & direct posting through official channels, as well as incentives for content creation and voting.


Overview Reposting vs. Direct Posting

:white_check_mark::x:repost-voting :white_check_mark::x:direct-post-voting
Content-type Creative, fun, experimental Serious, factual, consistent
Publishing Post thorough own channel and request re-post Post plain content and request direct post
Voting ¾ approval rate, min. 8 votes (reactions) ⅚ approval rate, min. 12 votes (reactions)
Incentives for content creation and voting 10x higher weight for :white_check_mark: reactions 20x higher weight for :white_check_mark: reactions

1. Content Creation

Create any type of content that might bring value to the community. Make sure information is true, keep in mind communication guidelines, be open for feedback, but don’t be afraid to experiment with your own style.

Based on the content type, you are able to decide if you are going to request reposting or direct posting.

Reposting Through Official Channels

Content-Type: Focused on creative freedom and experimental, fun content.

Direct Posting Through Official Channels

Content-Type: Focused on consistency and communication guidelines. Suitable for more serious factual content.

2. Publishing Content

Re-posting Through Official Channels

We want to encourage users to create their own personal accounts on all communication channels (Twitter, Reddit, Mirror, Medium, YouTube, etc.) and first publish the content there. This forces creators to stand behind their content, in case it proves to be misleading after it’s already featured on official channels. It also gives users the opportunity to create their own brand not just within ShineDAO, but also increase personal credibility within the crypto ecosystem.

Paste the link of the original post to the #:white_check_mark::x:repost-voting channel.

Direct Posting Through Official Channels

For more serious factual content users can request direct posting. Since those posts will represent the whole community, we will require a higher approval threshold and also give the author higher incentives upon creation.

Paste the content to the #:white_check_mark::x:direct-post-voting channel.

3. Content Voting & Feedback

As outlined in the rewards and participation section, the rest of the community will be incentivized to review and vote on your content:

  • When you are sure the content is aligned with what you and ShineDAO community stand for, please react with :white_check_mark: to the post.
  • When you don’t like the content or feel it misrepresents what we stand for, please react with :x: to the post.
  • If you wish to provide feedback, feel free to create a thread under the post in the same channel.

As a content creator, you should be open to feedback and not let different points of view kill your creative spirit. Assume people have good intentions when providing feedback and appreciate your creativity, however, not everyone will always resonate with the message you are trying to represent the whole community with. Expect disagreements and respect them!

4. Voting Thresholds

:white_check_mark::x:repost-voting :white_check_mark::x:direct-post-voting
Voting ⅔ rate, min. 6 votes (reactions) ¾ rate, min. 8 votes (reactions)

Example 1:

Link to the original post in ✅❌repost-voting has 6 votes ✅ and 3 votes ❌ → approved
repost-voting = ⅔ rate, min. 6 votes → 6 :white_check_mark:/9 (total) = ⅔, 9 (total) > 6 (minimum)

(the rate is high enough and there are enough minimum votes )

Example 2:

Link to the original post in ✅❌repost-voting has 4 votes ✅ and 2 votes ❌ → rejected
repost-voting = ⅔ rate, min. 6 votes → 4 :white_check_mark:/6 (total) ≠ ⅔, 6 (total) = 6 (minimum)

(the approval rate is too low, with 2 votes :x: it would need 6 :white_check_mark: to pass)

Example 3:

Link to the original post in ✅❌direct-post-voting has 4 votes ✅ and 3 votes ❌ → rejected
direct-post-voting = ¾ rate, min. 12 votes → 4 :white_check_mark:/7 (total) ≠ ¾, 7 (total) ≠ 8 (minimum)

(not yet approved, it needs more votes and ¾ rate of approval)

*Those numbers are subject to change as the community grows and matures.

5. Content Boost

Once the content is posted through official channels, the links will be posted in the #:rocket:content-boost channel. All community members are invited to like, share, retweet those posts to make sure content gets maximum possible reach.

Incentives for Content Creation and Voting

We are currently distributing DOD for engagement in Discord, Forum, and GitHub using SourceCred.

Content Creation

Re-posting Through Official Channels

We will set up a 10x higher weight for :white_check_mark: reactions to your original post in #:white_check_mark::x:repost-voting channel.

Direct Posting Through Official Channels

We will set up a 20x higher weight for :white_check_mark: reactions to your content in #:white_check_mark::x:direct-post-voting channel.


We will set up a 3x higher weight for users reacting with :white_check_mark: or :x: reactions to your original post or content in #:white_check_mark::x:repost-voting and #:white_check_mark::x:direct-post-voting channel.

Retroactive rewards

Since we are starting small with SoureCred, it might happen that some content proves to bring higher engagement and value to the community than the reward distributed for its creation. We aim to use retroactive rewards for high outcome-based contributions, using Coordinape - a tool that allows contributors to reward each other based on the value they brought to the project.


Interesting idea, I wonder if it will work well in practice.
You see, I think this is a case of direct democracy vs Representative democracy.
Direct democracies rarely work even do they should theoritically be better, the reason why is because no one has the time to vote and things just go their own way.
In the end having a semi centerlized system where individuals elect leaders who delegate their vote or having a trusted system might be better and yield better results.
Otherwise having everyone voting on everything might not lead to desirable results as many will not vote and those who do might not be the representative of the community as a whole.
But this is just my opinion!


In 1hive they solved this by having BuzzDAO. A marketing DAO in the DAO that get some tokens allocated to them, with people focused on curating content, voting on shit etc.

I could vote on shit if I got some tokens for it.

However if we look at the general meme in discord I think 8 reactions is a bit high threshold. When it comes to content, the more the better at this stage imo.