How to Create a Proposal?

We operate as DAO, meaning that anyone can propose a great idea and get it approved by the community. The goal of this category is to provide details and facilitate potential discussion once ideas are structured in a concrete proposal.

Before introducing your proposal we suggest you start the discussion in :bulb:Ideas section.

Title: [Initiative/Proposal] “Name of the initiative/proposal”


Explain why should the community care about your initiative. Why is it important, what value will it bring?

Founding amount

(if applicable)

When driving an initiative, you should make sure you will have enough recouses to reward yourself and your contriboutors. You can always ask for help with estimations.

Expected duration or delivery date

(if applicable)

Try to estimate how long will it take to complete the whole initiative.

Team Information

(if applicable)

Provide information about yourself (lead) and the rest of contributors. If you are contributing for the first time, please add some refferences of past relavant work.

To allow community to vote on your proposal, please use our Snapshot and give at least 3 days of time for community to cast their votes.