How to Introduce an Idea?

How to Introduce an Idea?

In this category we talk about new features, partnerships and processes at ShineDAO.

Before introducing a idea:

  1. Start by checking if you are introducing a new topic or changing/building on top of an existing one
  2. Make sure you know WHY we should pursue it. Ensure you understood the user problem you are trying to solve well and define clear (measurable) areas you are seeking to improve
  3. Test your assumptions by talking to customers or finding industry benchmarks or try to come up with low-(tech)-effort ways to test your assumptions

What you can include when introducing an idea:

  • Motivation: write from a user perspective - user story
  • Main success scenario: what steps does user take to achieve a goal
  • Success metrics: how will we measure success of this idea
  • Tested assumptions: explain what makes you confident that this is a good idea (user interviews, industry standards, low tech test)
  • Mockups, wireframes & charts: Visual representation will help the rest of community understand what you are trying to achieve faster