Idea/Suggestion: Lower minimum SHN required, add SHN on Polygon to Snapshot strategies

Hey guys, just wanted to chime in with a two-part proposal idea.

  1. Lower the minimum SHN required to create a proposal - I understand the reasoning behind the minimum requirement, as you do not want to be inundated with low-quality or spam proposals. However, from what I have witnessed in newer DAOs, the lower the requirement, the more participation and ideation that will be spread. For example, with less than $50 worth of FOX tokens and comprehensive research + well thought out reasoning, I was able to pass a proposal that is now fully funded for an organization that is almost a decade old (ShapeShift). Now that is DAO’in it.

  2. I was trying to vote with my onboarding SHN tokens (which is of course on Polygon), but realized that ShineDAO’s Snapshot is configured only for ERC20 tokens. It’s relatively easy to implement a multi-chain strategy (even LP tokens can be added to encourage users to add to liquidity). Meaning if I’m holding 200 SHN on ETH, 500 SHN on Polygon, and 1000 SHN is in a liquidity pool, Snapshot will automatically calculate my voting power to be 1700 SHN.

Just my 2 cents :slight_smile:


Good points @LPX!

1. Treashold

The current threshold is 50k SHN (≈ $500). I think we could easily lower it to 5k (≈ $50) instead…

2. Polygon

Ture, just looked into how to do it yesterday. Seems like we need to create a pull request to add a new network: Networks - Snapshot.

@Nxo if you agree with the new threshold, could you please change that and create a pull request for Polygon network?

Great info @LPX

Multi-strategy has been applied and now polygon balance is also taken into the account. Thanks for the info!
Also, voting threshold has been decreased to 5000 SHN (approx $50). However, I am not sure if this also takes into the account multiple chains?

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Thanks Nxo!

Just a question so I get it right. Did you reduce it to 5K SHN or 500 SHN?

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5000 (will fix above)