Learn2Earn Platform


We believe that early-stage projects are willing to allocate project tokens to reward new users for learning about them. Being incentivized to learn about the project will also increase the likelihood of new users actually trying the product and converting to active users. A good example is already used in Coinbase for mature projects. We believe early-stage projects could benefit even more because getting community and engagement is crucial for their success.


The Learn2Earn platform on Shine could be offered to our incubated projects so that we can distribute tokens to the wider community, increase the no. of token holders, maximize engagement, and convert them to active users. We imagine this feature being offered to external projects as well for a flat fee of 5% tokens distributed through the platform. (Additional services from contributors could be offered: quiz design, video animation, quiz promotion, etc.)

Main Success Scenario:

  • User opens the quiz
  • User connects their MetaMask
  • User gets recourses to learn about the project
  • User submits the answers
  • User harvests the reward (if the answers are correct)

What are your thoughts? Would you be willing to read, watch videos and answer questions to earn token rewards? Do you think external projects would be willing to use this feature?


Sounds okay, I guess
But more details would be needed.

As a fork of this idea, how about we as a community try out shit as ”beta” like we do w coordinape and source cred? Learn by doing instead of watching vids? And we get rewarded/allocation in their tokens.

We could try another DeFi Options trading contest where everyone gets rewarded to enter w DeFi Options DAO token. Not just the winner


Literally there would be a quiz every x days. We want to have reason for people to come daily to the ShineDAO website and do something fun/useful on a consistent basis.

We could incentivize learning about about different projects and users if guess correctly would get a reward in those tokens. We can even have partnership with other projects and promote them.

Not only this but we could even have a way for people to try out different protocols and get rewarded for them.


Great idea, this could be a good v2!


interesting I believe coinbase has something similar (off chain through)

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Absolutely! This is the best way out there to motivate other folx to at least go through the documentation once. If they never go through the documentation, they will never get interested enough to participate.

There are bots for Discord like QuizBot that let communities participate in time-bound quizzes within a specific Discord channel. Not sure if that’d help here but just dropping this in case it helps!


Nice idea … really looks good am new though but have this been implemented already if yes any briefing on it?

We have quests channel where you can learn and earn Discord

We are now focused on veSHN.