Liquidity utilization from ShineDAO treasury

Among some other assets, ShineDAO treasury currently has around 237k in USDC.

In order to use this funds to generate additional yield, we are proposing the following locations for the deployment of tokens:

  1. Frax-DAI farming on uniswap eth-mainnet(approx 35% APR)
  2. frax/mUSD polygon (43% APR)
  3. L2 farming non stable (variable APR)

Proposed amounts of USDC to deploy in each segment are:
150k/50k/37k (in the same order as they are written above)

The main reason for this is to get an additional yield on ShineDAO treasury from which we hope could cover operating expenses for running the Shine DAO. As it looks now, ShineDAO could be self sustainable just from proceeds from this proposed farming program.

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I think we should definitely do that… :100: