Organisation: Projects, Guilds, Squads & Roles

The aim of this post is to define a scalable process in which ShineDAO and its contributors will interact with its projects.

Since we are still a small community, it will happen that the same person might have multiple roles in the organization and all this might feel a bit refunded at first. However, it will ensure clarity of responsibilities and enable space for rapid growth as we onboard new contributors and fill out roles.

Organization Overview - Growth Guild Example


A project is a collaborative idea that is planned to achieve a particular aim. For ShineDAO projects can be external or even internal.

External Projects

External projects are undertakings with established core teams and high potential. The aim of accepting a project in ShineDAO is to increase its likelihood of success by providing recourses, tools and labor in exchange for project tokens that are distributed to ShineDAO treasury and to contributors directly.

Internal Projects

Internal projects are undertakings coming from own community members with an aim to generate value for ShineDAO. Upon accepting the initiative by the DAO, the community will dedicate recourses and labor rewarded by SHN tokens.


A guild is a sub-community of members with a shared interest. The members in guilds are available to be plugged into the project of their interest and become part of a specific sqad in the project.

Guilds at ShineDAO:

  • Product & Tech
  • Growth
  • Hunting
  • Infrastructure


Squads are teams of 5-7 people focusing on specific goals within a project. Squads are formed based on projects needs and get contributors from ShineDAO guilds. Each squad has one lead and additional contributors.

Contributor Roles

Special Roles

Role Description
New Assigned to new people applying to join the DAO.
Squad Lead Lead Assigned to members with additional responsibilities in the squad.
Project Lead Assigned to members responsible for making sure project has enough recourses to deliver their aim

Product & Tech Guild

Role Description
Frontend Assigned to members with React, CSS, HTML, or any other frontend specialties.
Backend Assigned to members with Java, Python, Rust, Node, or any backend development specialty.
DevOps Assigned to members with technical configuration and optimization specialty.
Analytics Assigned to members with research, SEO, and data analysis specialty.
UX/User Testing Assigned to members with user experience, feedback, and testing expertise.
Smart Contracts Assigned to members with Solidity, Vyper, or any other smart contract specialties.
PM Assigned to members with managing, budgeting, and documentation specialty.
Token Engineering Assigned to members for designing token economics and system design.

Growth Guild

Role Description
Marketing Assigned to members with expertise in marketing, social media, and growth.
Content Assigned to members with media expertise such as writing, creating videos, and podcasts.
Design Assigned to members with artistic, graphic design, and illustration specialty.
Community Assigned to members for managing community-related activities.
People Assigned to members for sourcing talent to our community.

Hunting Guild

Role Description
Projects Assigned to members for scouting and managing the deal flow of interesting projects.
Partnerships Assigned to members with business and sales development specialty.

Infrastructure Guild

Role Description
Treasury Assigned to members with accounting and finance specialists.
Legal Assigned to members with legal advising and analyzing capabilities.
Internal Ops Assigned to members for managing internal operations of the guild.
DAO Consultant Assigned to members with expertise in DAO user, advising, and consulting.


Supporters are contributors that are buying SHN and native tokens of our projects on seed sales and IDOs.

Role Description
Tier 1 Assigned to members with >15000 SHN
Tier 2 Assigned to members with >50000 SHN
Tier 3 Assigned to members with >200000 SHN
Committee Assigned to members with >400000 SHN

Sweet. I’ve been thinking (as always) and the way I see it the squads need to have some SHN allocation to make sense. Usually a company organises in different ways in order to get the compensation and allocation of resources to where it is needed. I don’t see why a DAO should be different really. 1hive has a setup like this.

My addition to the great clarifications Done by mr.rock is to stake parts of funds in our treasury in order to cover ”running costs” and get a small monthly reward to each active project/squad. Squad lead/project lead can choose how to distribute these tokens.

I believe MrRealorFake is already looking into treasury mgmt so this might already be covered. Staking on different allocations etc.

I just want to highlight that we dont need organisational setups of we dont have any reporting or resource allocation. But I think we need more resource allocation.


I think that’s a great point @badgerton. When we have squads formed and contributors have clear roles and responsibilities, we should definitely allocate recourses for them!

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:raised_hands: Truth, I mapped out SourceCred and some people are on almost all of the teams

(That all tells me there’s room for mentorship / decentralization = more autonomy / time)

I feel like "Polish That Sh💩t" fits into the growth build energy.

Something I notice is that people don’t want to sign up for solid Roles
Being able to map that there’s someone covering each detail deemed important to the org is more crucial in my opinion than having a person to fill each role that can be created.

I’m a firm believer in small teams.

  • Scalability (continuity) vs Accountability (burnout)

When I look at @0xRock’s section on the Growth Guild I can see a team already from our community members :handshake:

This makes me wonder would it be possible to create a squad that is incentivized based on the new contributors?

  • Tackling: marketing / content / design / social media odds and ends they come up with.