[Proposal] Lead Contributor Requirements, Responsibilities & Compensation @ShineDAO


ShineDAO is providing an opportunity for contributors to get involved with new promising Web3 projects. We have already outlined ways for contributors to get involved in Contribute to ShineDAO, however, we have noticed a low amount of proposals for Funding the Initiatives.

Well-funded DAOs have adopted a compensation model that is similar to many startups for full-time core contributors. Most of them offer stablecoin based salaries with performance bonuses in form of protocols native tokens. A good example is SushiSwap with their Hiring Guidelines V4.

ShineDAO is early-stage DAO with fewer recourses than top-tier protocols. All core contributors have so far agreed on saving product development funds for the scaling period (to extend the runway of the organization), and have been financing themselves from their own savings. With utilized liquidity as approved in Proposal 1 and Proposal 2, we can afford to provide stablecoins as part of the compensation to contributors and keep them motivated while ensuring a long runway.

The goal of this proposal is to reduce friction for new contributors to get rewarded for their contributions. We are doing this by introducing a lead contributor role for community members that are deeply involved, have high stakes, and have the most available information to make funding decisions on a smaller scale fast without bureaucratic silos.

Lead Contributor Requirements:

  • The lead contributor should have a proven track record of previous high-value contributions to be able to apply for the position.
  • The lead contributor should own >500k SHN to have high stakes and skin in the game, so they will have an incentive to act in the best interest of the rest of the SHN holders.

Lead Contributor Responsibilities:

  • Driving the initiatives of guilds
  • Finding contributors, running trials & negotiating terms for their involvement
  • Transparent communication with the community and project teams
  • Managing the ShineDAO contributors allocation from incubated projects
  • Managing the monthly “Speed” budget pool (see bellow)

Lead Contributor Compensation:

$3500/month base compensation (paid out in any ratio of SHN market value and USDC).

  • Lead is not able to spend additional funds from “Speed” funding on themselves.

  • Lead is able to earn token rewards from community engagement and supporting incubated projects on top of base salary.

  • Any other required funding shall be approved by the DAO.

Lead Candidate:

@Mr_Rock - 0x66158bf6752FA6191E70Ab06Cfc345dE0D9A0ba5

“Speed Pool" Budget

Based on feedback from existing contributors, we believe we should tailor the compensation package (amount of SHN, or USDC) case by case, depending on the needs of the contributor and expected value for the DAO.

Monthly “Speed Pool” Budget Proposal

We propose an amount of $7.000/month (paid out in any ratio of SHN market value and USDC), to be available as a no-approval-required budget. The lead contributor should be able to allocate the budget for incentivizing contributors and cover possible operational costs without required approval from the DAO while acting in the best interest of the community.

Contributors can negotiate their allocation for ongoing activities directly with the lead. All allocations will be transparent to the community. The preferred currency is SHN. Contributors can find initiatives they can want to be part of in the ShineDAO Notion Page. The lead will be responsible for approving qualified and trustworthy contributors to join the guild and negotiating their rewards in the best interest of the community.


For transparency purposes I have been part in making this proposal.

One thing I think will help for alignment is if the lead makes monthly updates on the capacity allocation we are aiming at. I want NO difficult processes, timekeeping etc.
Only a guiding principle from the top of the head so that lead & contributors know where to contribute to create maximum value for community.

This could be presented during monthly “town hall” update meeting for whole community. It is easily digestible and all community would have an opportunity for healthy discussion on the current allocation.

I would add something like this in the proposal.

  • At each Town hall, we agree on the percentage of capacity to be devoted to incubations, new capabilities, enablers & maintenance. Based on proposal from lead.

  • We agree that Lead have the authority to prioritize backlog items.

  • We agree to prioritize the incubations & features and capabilities in collaboration with contributors & supporters based on trust to keep momentum & avoid bulding unneccessary cumbersome processes

  • We agree to collaborate on sequencing work in a way that maximizes community value

Keep in mind I really want to avoid building unneccessary processes so basically all I want is to show a pic like this and hear a few words from lead on how they want to allocate capacity & why, Nothing more, nothing less. What do you say??

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Sounds good!
Contributors must be paid, otherwise things don’t move forward.
I like this.

Team on a shipping frenzy with these Proposals. This is a great one and sorely needed too.

The operations of the team automatically affect the product/service we provide, so I’m excited to see some of the unlocked efficiencies from the clarity of how the Contribution channels, the position of Lead Contributor, and for the incoming contributors that will be supporting the Lead too.

I noted that the onboarding reward was omitted too and I think it makes sense to start small regarding the Contributions Compensation and then scale it up as the DAO grows too.

I agree with the Proposal and pushing Mr. Rock as a Lead Contributor. At my short stint at the DAO, he’s consistently been putting in some great work for the DAO and I think this will enable him and the DAO to decentralise and speed up activities forward. Canni wait!