Role Reorg

Here is the idea to reorganize our discord roles in a way that we are bit more exclusive. You can see the roles below and the idea is to have a strong culture with emojis on our twitter and discord handles.

Additionally, discord channels could also be reorganized a a bit. So that we have a very minimal number of channels available for roles with low star ranks.

Lmk your thoughts…


I think this is a good idea, but I also think staking+time locking shn in a contract should be another (optional maybe for % share of invested income / duration of stake) prerequisite to increase the incentive to participate and add value.

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Really, liking the idea.

Important to remember that this would mean that there would need to be an easier way for individuals to get Onboarded to be a Contributor or part of the Guild.

Right now, with new members that are joining, it’s difficult for them to understand the different initiatives that are going on. Perhaps this can be remedied by being part of a Town’s Hall meeting, being a requisite to becoming a Onboarded Observer.

On a more semantic level, it would be good to delineate the difference between Contributor and Supporter. A contributor is someone who actively contributes to the DAO, through making posts, perhaps postings on degen news, etc. And that seems very similar to a supporter, who could be someone that supports posts, shares Shine tweets, shills Shine etc. This is important to clarify as there will be those who Contribute/Support and are not part of a Committee or Guild.

As mentioned, if Contributors/Supporters are very similar, we can join them and have them being two stars, and then we can have all onboarded Observers having one star.

Liking the idea from @cinquemb on staking+time locking too

I also like the idea of veCRV and veFXs and how they are doing it with time locking.
However, its not so trivial to implement properly and it might take a while.

At the moment difference between contributor and supporter is that supporters have skin in the game i.e. they have certain amount of SHN and have more rights / more access to bounties etc. But I agree, we could work on the semantics a bit. It all sounds a bit similar contributor/supporter/ambassador no matter how do we call it.

But with the star ranks the social signaling would be much more clear. Actually, maybe we can just call them star ranks instead of contributor/supporter/ambassador etc. What do you think?

In a way we are making a kind of layered social network where every level has certain criteria to get in, and every level has different level of access to some of the things that we have and offer. We need to think hard about this to strike the balance between skill/challenge for everyone. The leveling process has to be very smooth. Maybe we can do it over discord bot, or even have a page on our website with all the things.

here’s how snowball finance implements staking with timelocks and rewards on avalanche (this contract is forked from pickle finance):

Yeah, I get it.

So to move from an Observer to a Contributor, you need to achieve a few tasks (complete Onboarding process, visit forums, use degennews, be active for two weeks etc.)

Then to become a Support, tou need a certain economic buy-in, or earn SHN through Contributions to become a Supporter. That gives Contributors who might not have funds an opportunity to show their dedication too.

The only question that I have is that the Guild will be open to Members who don’t have to go through the step-by-step leveling up process. So perhaps not calling it Guild could be helpful, but having the finally stage only being only to members accepted into Guiilds.

I’ve never heard of Committees at Shine DAO either, but I would have the same advice for the Guild, perhaps a different name.


Here is a proposal with an overview of roles in the community, their requirements and benefits:





Limited Discord access:


  • Learn about new projects
  • Learn about DAO experiments
  • Expand your network meet new people
  • Degen News
  • Ability to start earning SHN rewards for engagement (complete the onboarding)
  • Earn tips from the community for bringing value in free channels

Contributor :star:^1:


Min. 5k SHN (SHN can be earned, tipped or bought)



  • Access to meeting zone
  • Ability to engage in closed channels for contributors (and earn extra SHN)
  • Access to discussions on Degen News
  • Ability to create content for ShineDAO (and earn extra SHN)
  • Access to incubated projects updates and discussions
  • Ability to create proposals

Supporter :star:^2:


Min. 15k SHN (SHN can be earned, tipped or bought)



  • Ability to support projects with $ (depending on tier)
  • Access to supporters hub (meet other people supporting early-stage projects)
  • Access to hunting - all projects ShineDAO is talking to
  • Ability to participate in intro calls with projects and engage in forum discussions

Committee :star:^3:


Min. 400k SHN (SHN can be earned, tipped or bought)



  • Ability to support projects with $ (highest priority access and allocations)
  • Access to committee-hub (meet other people with highest stakes at ShineDAO)
  • Access to treasury management discussions

Guild Members :star:^4:


Min. 15k SHN (SHN can be earned, tipped or bought) + Completed onboarding + Passed trial period



  • Ability to contribute to squads of our projects and earn their token rewards
  • Ability to drive initiatives at ShineDAO and earn SHN or stablecoins from Speed Budget Pool

This is such a great follow-up from the previous suggestions, consolidates all improvements and then same.

It’s going to be great for new comers to get a better understanding of how to get involved. Rather than making the DAO closed, this gating makes it transparent and structured.

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The only problem is with the collab land bot as it doesnt support multichain balances?

Yep. I have part of my SHN on Polygon and part on ETH… But I think the idea is nice and makes sense.


Let us know if you have any unexpected behaviours. Collab land doesnt support multichain straight away so we had to do some hacks.

Hmmm did not have time to check it yesterday and now the link to connect wallet is giving me error:


404 Slug hPNy0jxW7H9f not found.

and I do not have permission to post in !join channel :smiley:
Now what? :smiley:
Where did I take a wrong turn (in 90% it’s my fault, so probably this is…)?

I think it was our fault. Should work now. Thanks for the heads-up! :pray: