ShineDAO<>SourceCred Partnership Proposal


ShineDAO and SourceCred have been exploring a partnership wherein ShineDAO will use SourceCred as the rewards layer for:

  • ShineDAO community

  • Portfolio projects and corresponding communities

So far, a proof-of-concept trial for SourceCred has been conducted within ShineDAO to positive reception by the community. For the next step, this proposal will be considered for ratification by both communities.


For ShineDAO, the partnership has the following goals:

  • Decentralize compensation designs for contributions within ShineDAO and within its incubator communities.

  • Reduce resource intensiveness of compensation design, strategy, implementation, distribution, and iteration.

  • Increase transparency for inter-community participation and contributions within ShineDAO and incubator communities

For SourceCred, the partnership as the following goals:

  • Get SourceCred to more users in the web3 space to grow the SourceCred ecosystem


This partnership was explored because of the value alignment between the ShineDAO and SourceCred’s communities as well as a use-case fit. The values espoused by both communities toward disrupting traditional wealth transfer structures wherein only a few centralized figures experience financial upside by distributing the financial upside of novel endeavors to the community and contributors who helped build it.

A proof-of-concept of SourceCred began with a ShineDAO instance in late July, upon review in mid-August, there was generally positive feedback from the ShineDAO community for SourceCred as a rewards layer. For the next step, this proposal will be considered for ratification.

SourceCred has a % based Cred* flowback to the SourceCred treasury called a tithe. Currently, the tithe is 5%, meaning that 5% of distributed Cred flows back to the SourceCred treasury. Through this partnership, ShineDAO will receive:

  • Premium, priority tech support

  • A Cred flow to the ShineDAO treasury per the following schedule

ShineDAO incubator community # % of tithe Cred flow to ShineDAO treasury % of total cred
1 through 5 20% 1%
6 through 10 25% 1.25%
11 through 15 30% 1.5%
16 through 20 35% 1.75%
21+ 40% 2%

For example, the 4th community added to the ShineDAO incubation program will have 20% of the SC tithe flowed back to the ShineDAO treasury, or 1% of the total cred (20% of a 5% tithe = 1% of total)

If ratified, ShineDAO and SourceCred will work together in announcing the partnership for visibility within our combined networks.

This agreement stems from the wishes of both of the DAO’s outlined within this document. The terms defined here are going to respected and both parties will fulfill their duties on time. If there are any potential disagreements in the future, this deal may be renegotiated.

*Cred – within SourceCred, ‘Cred’ is a metric which tracks a user’s contribution history, generally, more cred = more token distributed to said user. Cred can come from other community members reacting or engaging with a contribution or a project with pre-allocated cred.


Very excited to explore the decentralized/algorithmic resource allocation space by working with sourcecred!


SourceCred is an awesome tool and definitely brings a lot of value to the current DAO setup Shine has. Excellent partnership this! :raised_hands:


I feel my biases present with my own roots stemming from the SourceCred project. . .

I am equally excited as others appear to be about this collaboration. I get jazzed about the idea of more communities being able to provide liquidity to it’s members. (I not so secretly want everyone to be thier own bosses in this life and only work on passions)

The one thing I personally think everyone at SC has in common is a sense of knowing that these tools are capable of capturing labor down to the nuances / how folx define labor and how they reward it is up to the community.

Being able to redesign the way labor of others is captured noticed and rewarded is pure wizardry which is unavailable in our capitalistic society. There is so much we do for one another on the backside of things when we are working together that can go unnoticed, but COULD be rewarded.

I think it’s really cool to props a friend for pivoting to help me make a product meme in the middle of the day cuz I’m in a bad mood and can’t focus on work that requires executive functioning to be in order…that’s the kind of world I get to live in now because of sourcecred and I’m totally here for it.

:star2: . :sunglasses: . :star2:


Looking forward to this partnership

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It sure is scooting along . . .

Tweet :partying_face:



:heart: C R E D I T S :heart:


:raised_hands: Props to the beings who made the Twitter announcement possible! :raised_hands:

Aint’ nobody perfect, please let me know If I forgot to mention someone - happy to edit :sweat_smile:

:point_down: Onboarding :tada: