SHN/ETH Pool Migration to Polygon


We have successfully launched veSHN on Polygon (Matic) Network - to save gas fees for our users. Currently, there is no real incentive to buy SHN on the ETH Mainnet (since its main use case requires bridging to Polygon (Matic) Network. Having all liquidity on Polygon (Matic) Network will also reduce costs of buybacks.

Questions to answer:

  1. Should we keep all liquidity at Quickswap, or consider migrating to Uniswap or Sushiswap?
  2. Should we keep 3 pools and exposure to ETH, USDC, and MATIC?
  3. Should we consider rather creating 1 big pool with stablecoin, to reduce slippage and make it easier for people to buy/sell SHN?
  4. If 3. is yes, should we consider proposing FRAX/SHN pair? (we might be able to get some incentives from Frax).
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  1. Don’t have strong opinion on this one. However, leaning towards keeping it on Uniswap.
  2. Good question. Its already down quite a lot already. Another 80% is always possible though.
  3. Not sure. Its connected to 2.
    4.Its a good idea, however, we need to be able to convince FXS holders to vote yes on this proposal. So far I don’t see clear reason why they would vote like that. As a matter of a fact, they have a lot of proposals for removing gauges in their governance page right now in these bearish conditions.
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