SHNIP-04: Committee Members Nomination & Election


With SHINP-03 passing the vote, we move toward the next step, the nomination & election of 3 Committee members.

Please review the Committee requirements and responsibilities in SHNIP-03: Governance Enhancement - #6 by 0xRock.

Nomination process:

  • Community members that fit the criteria described in SHINP-03 can nominate themselves during 5-day discussion (nomination) period
  • Nominees should be willing to take on the responsibility of Committee members described in SHINP-03
  • Nominees are able to post their nomination with up to 200 words under this post
  • Community members are welcome to ask questions or challenge nominees
  • After a 5-day discussion (nomination) period, an approval Snapshot vote will be created

Hi, I think you’ve seen me around before lol.:wave:

I nominate myself as one of the early members of the ShineDAO community. If elected, I will commit to establishing a culture of transparency, empowering supporters and contributors while focusing on longevity, and acting in the best interest of the DAO.

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Hi folx! :star2:

I would like to nominate myself for the role of Committee member of ShineDAO.

If elected, I will strive to establish connections between us and other DAOs in web3, scout more promising DeFi projects to incubate, hunt for opportunities to and help secure grants from top chains, work in the best interests of our community members, and push for optimal treasury growth - all this while maintaining utmost transparency in words and action.

Let’s take ShineDAO to the moon together! :rocket:


Posting nomination for myself as well.

Early contributor of ShineDAO when I found the Defi options project. In the role would focus on scalability of the DAO and other tech maintenance aspects.


Well, i think we can elect you all now :stuck_out_tongue:


Link to Snapshot proposal: Snapshot