Speed Budget Pool


In [Proposal] Lead Contributor Requirements, Responsibilities & Compensation, we collectively approved lead contributor role and gave the lead the responsibility to allocate Speed Budget Pool ($7 000/month) in the best interest of the community.

How will your initiative get rewarded?

There will be a minimum rate of $15/hour multiplied by the impact your initiative generates.

Impact will be a subjective estimation of the lead taking into account the input from other guild members. The impact can be estimated right away or rewarded retroactively (weeks/months after you delivered your contribution). This way we make sure that guild members always get rewarded something while incentivizing them to work on high-impact contributions.

*The max amount of time spent on the same initiative is 20h (in case it takes longer, break it down to smaller deliverables).
*Rewards will be compensated in SHN or USDC.

Impact Multiplier

1.0 - Minimal Impact ($15/h * 1.0 = $15/h)

  • Generated no engagement
  • No significant value for the project

1.5 - Low Impact ($15/h * 1.5 = $22,5/h)

  • Some engagement from the community
  • No significant value for the project

3.0 - Medium Impact ($15/h * 3.0 = $45/h)

  • High positive engagement from the rest of community
  • Some significant value for the project (ideally reflected in SHN price)

5.0 - High Impact ($15/h * 5.0 = $75/h)

  • High positive engagement from the rest of community
  • High significant value for the project (ideally reflected in SHN price)

10.0 - Massive Impact ($15/h * 10.0 = $150/h)

  • Massive positive engagement from the rest of community (measured by 3x increase in messages sent)
  • Massive measurable value for the project (>20% increase in SHN value)

20.0 - Insane Impact ($15/h * 20.0 = $300/h)

  • Massive positive engagement from the rest of the community (measured by 5x increase in messages sent)
  • Massive measurable value for the project (>50% increase in SHN value)

How to get your initiative approved?

1. Review current high-level goals and open tasks (backlog) in our community.

This is how we make sure that we are aligned and working towards common community goals.

2. You will need >15 000 SHN to be able to take the open task or suggest the new initiative.

Speed budget is available only for serious community members who have skin in the game.

3. DM Mr. Rock#5540 to get your funding approved from Speed Budget Pool.

It is recommended for an initiative to be presented on Monday’s Guild Sync call, so other guild members can give input / ask questions.


  1. Talk with Lead
  2. Discuss compensation
    (Get part of compensation)
  3. Do thing
  4. (Get more compensation)

Does it have to be more complicated than this?

Why I ask:
If hours are objective and impact is subjective and they are multiplied it is 100% subjective anyways. Counting hours is irrelevant in that case?

Since it is subjective anyways just remove the hour part. A pro can do something in one day that I personally will spend a week on.
Impact is also in the future and will be a complete guess.

Suggestion instead:
We don’t need a standardized process for this. Just claim what it is worth for you and lead will assess what it is worth depending on the goals of the DAO.

Cost, customer, competition. Is usually how prices are set. Actual costs of initiative, the potential value for the DAO and the price of alternatives to this initiative.

For example if the Goal is to find a new project we can either buy tickets to a hackathon/conference, get access to some insider group, pay a hunter to scan websites.

I would go to a conference without any rewards, just getting a ticket paid. That would maybe take me 3 days and 600USD and I would get high quality contacts and leads. Since This requires knowledge about the project/space and Ability to network Only few contributors would be able to do this job well.

If we believe this could bring in just one potential high quality high trust project from a 600USD investment then why count hours just buy the ticket.

We could also just pay someone to cold hunt for projects. Anyone can do this but we would only get cold leads. Takes a lot of time but in the end let’s say it provides one high quality project. Then I wouldn’t pay more than 600USD for this service. Two ways of reaching the same thing. Since anyone can do this let’s say someone wants to do this for 200USD. then let’s do this instead of alternative nr1. Or both lol.

IMO a speed budget needs speed not processes. Ask any consultant or person in tech how they feel about hours.

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Thanks for this @badgerton. Valid points and suboptimal process… I think you are right. Let’s stick with just speed and transparency at first, and reflect on how that goes after few weeks.

I think this is good and simple enough:

  1. Add your initiative to the sheet & suggest your allocation (or DM @Mr. Rock )
  2. Get compensation approved (we can approve the suggested initiatives together every Friday 1 PM UTC)
  3. Do the thing & get compensated :handshake:

We can still retroactively reward people that made something that had an extremely high impact…